Genetic Test For Weight Loss

Weight Management Genetic Test

Should you choose peanuts or whole grain pretzels if you are at a party and trying to manage your weight? The answer depends on your genes. Think of your genes like the instruction manual for your body. Some of us have genes that tell our body to absorb fat in excessive amounts and store it as body fat. Other people may have genes that say absorb carbohydrate and store it as fat. Just like some people can digest milk and some people can not. When you know which foods your genes say you should store as fat, you can better manage your weight.

To test which genes you have we swab the inside of your cheek to collect some cells and send it off to the lab. You get your results in 7 to 10 days.

The test will give you suggestions for Exercise and Diet. Today we will mainly focus on the diet recommendations. Your genes will tell us whether you need to be a “Fat Trimmer” to reduce the fats in your diet or a Carb Reducer” and limit carbs. But both plans do not severely limit your fats or carbs. So they are easier to follow long term.

We will then will look at your gene results and your usual food intake and marry the two so the Weight Management Program fits you.  We will also establish and exercise program to take advantage of how your body effective burns calories so you can reach to next level and break through all barriers!!!



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