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Here at You Be Fit, we help people take the confusion out of better health, exercise, and nutrition which is the starting point to success!

Wallace Merriman

Wallace Merriman

Online Personal Trainer/Female Weight Loss Specialist


Here at You Be Fit, We Help Women Over 35 Lose Weight & Regain Their Confidence Without Strict Diets Or Long Workouts.

With more than two decades of experience in wellness, fitness, and body transformations, I am dedicated to empowering women to reach their fitness goals. As a former U.S. Army Master Fitness Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutritionist, Group Fitness Trainer, and Health & Fitness Coach specializing in women’s body transformations, I am passionate about guiding and supporting women on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. “Your Health Is Your Best Investment”.  




Female Weight Loss Specialist


Online Training & Nutritional Consulting


Personal & Group Fitness Instructor


Strength Training and Physical Fitness


Corporate Wellness Planning Strategies

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Client Testimonials

I lost 45 pounds in 2020 (during a pandemic, as a single mom, buying a house, and getting a new job) with coaching from Wallace Merriman, and now I am ready to get into swimsuit shape! No excuses!!


You Be Fit goes deeper than just exercise. They get down to the core and reason why I was stuck in a up and down weight gain. YouBeFit addresses the whole body, both mentally and physically. He is encouraging, no-nonsense, tough and caring all at the same time. He finds what works for you and your life and body. I have and will continue to recommend You-Be-Fit. Their a game changer!

I have gone down many paths for maintaining a healthy weight with some success but unable to sustain the weight loss. Wallace, of You Be Fit, is extremely qualified, specializes in weight loss for women, and has helped me not only to articulate my goals but also to identify the roadblocks to my success. He does this with an extraordinary grasp of female psychology, humor, enthusiasm, and energy. He provides daily positive reinforcement and reminders of what you are going to accomplish. This includes a detailed plan of what you need to do to attain your personalized goals. I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about healthy weight loss through lifestyle changes. I'm down 37 pounds and loving the New ME!!! Thanks, Wallace!!!


Hello Wallace, just wanted to update you with my great news.  Thanks to your 60-day challenge that gave me my jump start I am now down 37lbs and can fit both of the outfits I had on my phone screen saver.  After your 60 day challenge, I was down 17lbs and could fit the pants but not able to button them.  Thank you again for your guidance.  I will continue to practice what I have learned from you.


Wallace is an AWESOME fitness instructor and personal trainer!! Wallace is a unconventional instructor/trainer that analyze, educate, motivate and support his clients before ever discussing a cost. Whether fully on board or still working on workout schedule, Wallace still send daily motivators to keep you focused for the day!! You won’t be disappointed!!

Wallace is kind, positive, and motivating! He does not judge and encourages clients to do their best. You Be Fit works if you are ready to make a change. Weight loss. I lost 17.4 pounds!!! Thank you for helping me change my life!


I initially thought his program was going to be too intense for me to handle, but with his support and motivation, I have made progress, both mentally and physically. I also thought the food prep and consistent check-ins would be too much but I truly appreciate the accountability each day. Wallace's motivation and constant positivity made me feel that I could accomplish anything that I put my mind to. His daily mantras and scriptures kept me focused each day and gave me the initiative to keep going and not quit! He is serious about his craft, so you'd better come correct or don't come at all! Wallace has more energy than anyone else I know, but he uses it to make you a better person!!! I lost 16 pounds and still going!!!


Wallace is phenomenal. He has inspired me to continue working hard, he shift my mindset in very positive ways. If you are in doubt and worried about failing, Wallace simple method of motivation and empowerment helps to improve one’s mood. All his exercises are fun, energizing and motivational!

Within a short 6 weeks, I was able to gain buns and guns (inside joke) lol.

I have learned the correlation of drinking tons of water and eating frequently.

Thank you Wallace, thank you “You be Fit”!


Wallace is knowledgeable about how to get the job done! He works with you and tries to figure out what you have been doing to make a lifestyle change and what you need to do better. Most of all he is motivating and is on your side to help you achieve your goals.  Down 18 pounds, I developed new habits and a renewed lifestyle. I'm just getting started!!! #youbfit


Wallace is consistent and will make sure you are doing what you suppose to do. However, you gotta put the work in!!!


Wallace will keep you accountable if you are serious about your health. And he encourages you to push yourself to get the rewards. He is always available to speak with you through your difficulties. HE IS THE BEST!!! #youbfit


Exercises are easy to follow and if unsure of how to perform an exercise the video is there to help you. Easy communication. My results were better than what I expected and I want to continue to do better on my health journey. Wallace will continuously motivate you to be more than your very best. Thank you for the push!!!