Written by: Wallace Merriman

Over Half of Americans: Figuring out Taxes Easier than Nutrition
Posted on:May 24, 2012

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Is Figuring out Taxes Easier than Nutrition?

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) just released the 2012 Food & Health Survey Report. When it comes to eating healthy, there is a big gap between what we know we need to do and our ability to do it. Examples, from an internet survey conducted by IFIC last month:

* More people think it’s easier to file their income tax on their own than it is to choose healthy food.

* In what seems as a bit of an irony, 90% of Americans consider themselves healthy, but 20% say their eating habits not at all or not too healthful.

* 55% of us are currently trying to lose weight.

* Only 1 in 7 Americans estimated the correct calorie count they need to maintain their curent weight.

* 44% are trying to eliminate or limit their purchase of products with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).

* Only 1/3 of Americans agree that artificial sweeteners can be a part of a overall healthful diet. (The other 2 thirds must have been reading our thoughts on the matter here and here)

* 60% of respondents are trying to consume more protein. (This is foolish, as there is almost nobody in this country who consumes too little protein. Read The Protein Marketing Myth).

There are tons of other gems in this report. They paint a disturbing picture of our lack of understanding when it comes to making the smart food choices for our families.



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