How is Perfect Empowered Drinking Water different from other bottled waters?
With so many premium bottled waters on the market today, it?s hard to distinguish one from the next. Perfect Empowered Drinking Water makes it easier to do just that. Most drinking waters purify to some small degree and do nothing else to the water. Listed here are a few of the differences:
1)  No other bottled water goes through the same proprietary purification 15-step process. We clean the water to approximately 0 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in the water, taking out all harmful chemicals and bacteria.
2)  In addition, we re-mineralize (potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium) putting back into the body some healthful and necessary elements to re-enforce and insure health.
3)  Perfect Water is alkaline water. We test every batch, and it is between 8.0-9.0 on the pH scale. However, pH is sensitive and can be affected by temperature and agitation. For this reason, we have not put the exact pH number on the bottle. Perfect Water pH should be 7+ in almost all situations while testing with an accurate pH meter.
4)  We have microstructured the water, making it easier and more efficient for hydration.
5)  We have added MBO™ which is a proprietary blend of added oxygen molecules and a few other elements that make the water unique and very healthful. The body seems to recognize immediately the benefits of drinking Perfect Water and responds in positive ways.
Trace minerals and electrolytes are infused back into pure water and then enhanced with oxygen for water that makes the body happy
      • Purified: 15 step proprietary purification process.
      • Remineralized: enhanced with electrolytes and essential minerals, including Potassium.
      • Ionized: ionized for optimal alkalinity (ph).
      • Microstructured: microstructured with proprietary technology.
      • Oxygen Rich: empowered with MBO (molecular bound oxygen), proprietary process which enhances bio-available oxygen

Perfect Water Is Setting New Standards:

Our participation in the NSF Athletic Banned Substances Certification program is now official.  We are now able to promote that Perfect Empowered Drinking Water has produced satisfactory product test results and facility compliance in regards to the Good Manufacturing Processes for Sport™ requirements. This certification fulfills the necessary requisites for professional and amateur sports teams such as the NFL, MLB, and PGA.

According to NSF International (NSF International is The Public Health and Saftey Company™, providing public health and safety risk management solutions) “Perfect Water is the only water to be certified and compliant with the NSF Athletic Banned Substance Program and authorized by NSF to bear the Certified for Sport Mark!”

NSF is preparing a letter/poster of sorts that will be sent to all professional teams, in all leagues, stating by name which products are approved for use and do not have any banned substances. Perfect Empowered Drinking  Water will be listed on this poster. It is meant to be hung in the locker rooms.
NSF has also begun contacting leagues notifying them that Perfect Empowered Drinking Water is approved. We know they have already contacted MLB! Any athlete or team can contact their league for verification of the NSF approval.

View NSF Certificate