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Client Testimonials

You Be Fit goes deeper than just exercise. They get down to the core and reason why I was stuck in a up and down weight gain. YouBeFit addresses the whole body, both mentally and physically. He is encouraging, no-nonsense, tough and caring all at the same time. He finds what works for you and your life and body. I have and will continue to recommend You-Be-Fit. Their a game changer!

I started training with Wallace on April 1, 2019 after the devastating loss of my husband in August. During that time, I found myself not in a good place physically and mentally. While trying to struggle my way through, I did what felt familiar and comfortable to me which was go to the gym and work out to relieve stress. The problem was I wasn’t fully committed. During a workout session of water aerobics, I noticed this energetic instructor pushing people of all ages through a very vigorous workout. I thought to myself that is what I need. So I put my name down on the clip board for more information. The next day I started receiving emails
and motivational YouTube videos from Wallace about health, nutrition and exercises. As I started to engage in the information I thought ok, it’s time to get yourself together. So I reached out and that was the beginning of my journey to get fit with YoubeFit. These past few months have been one of the most the hardest, but rewarding times in my life. Wallace has pushed me beyond what I ever expected of myself. I started with 8 lbs weights and can now lift up to 25lbs in 6 months. The cool thing about training with Wallace is that it is not only about the physical, but he ensures you are mentally ready. He holds you accountable and inspires you at the same time. Working with Wallace and his YoubeFit program has been life changing and from this I know I can push on and continue to keep the temple God has given me clean and ready for the blessing he has in store. #YoubFit, #Besttrainerever, #Itsgametime


I have gone down many paths for maintaining a healthy weight with some success but unable to sustain the weight loss. Wallace, of You Be Fit, is extremely qualified, specializes in weight loss for women and has helped me not only to articulate my goals but also to identify the road blocks to my success. He does this with an extraordinary grasp of female psychology, humor, enthusiasm and energy. He provides daily positive reinforcement and reminders of what you are going to accomplish. This includes a detailed plan of what you need to do to attain your personalized goals. I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about healthy weight loss through life style changes.

There is something remarkable and unique about Wallace Merriman\You-Be-Fit. As a person who has experienced obesity for many years, (all of my life actually), I began to feel that obesity and all of the diseases that accompany it, was just my unfortunate destiny. Much of my time and money had been spent on weight loss programs, fitness organizations, weight loss pills (lies), and misinformation, all of which left me with dietary brain clutter and defeat. When I connected with Wallace and You-Be-Fit, I was at a desperate point in my life…grotesquely overweight, tremendously sick (13 meds a day), and unproductive attitude! Wallace immediately recognized the space that I was in and began encouraging me, deprogramming me, addressing my fears and leading me to a balanced exercise and nutritional path that I am still following today. Let me just say, MY LIFE HAS BEEN CHANGED! A year later, I am 100 pounds down, healthier than I have ever been and feeling successful! It continues to be a work in progress, but I I couldn’t have reached this point without You-Be-Fit. I owe Wallace a lifetime of gratitude.

-Shelia G.

Working with You Be Fit has been a life changing experience. Wallace cares so much about his clients’ success and well-being. He invests so much of himself in my physical and emotional assessments. He is well-equipped with the tools and personalized plans that will help you to meet your weight loss goals. He is an excellent and patient motivator who will motivate you to be accountable. His daily reminders and motivational thoughts encouragingly nudge me to be my best self; mind, body, and spirit. It’s rare to find a life coach, personal trainer, nutritionists, and mentor all in one! It is a blessing to work with You Be Fit!


Wallace makes working out fun. He has great music, great attitude & great energy. He helps us build strength and burn fat.


Wallace is an AWESOME fitness instructor and personal trainer!! Wallace is a unconventional instructor/trainer that analyze, educate, motivate and support his clients before ever discussing a cost. Whether fully on board or still working on workout schedule, Wallace still send daily motivators to keep you focused for the day!! You won’t be disappointed!!

Wallace is phenomenal. He has inspired me to continue working hard, he shift my mindset in very positive ways. If you are in doubt and worried about failing, Wallace simple method of motivation and empowerment helps to improve one’s mood. All his exercises are fun, energizing and motivational!

Within a short 6 weeks, I was able to gain buns and guns (inside joke) lol.

I have learned the correlation of drinking tons of water and eating frequently.

Thank you Wallace, thank you “You be Fit”!


The first time I encountered You Be Fit, I immediately knew that I wanted to incorporate it into my life so that I can see a life change occur. Not only is You Be Fit committed to fitness and nutrition, but there is mental and spiritual wellness as well.


Great I love what he’s taught me and showing me so much in the fitness world .


Wallace is a good trainer who watches my form when I’m working out; adding new exercise when he see I’m ready. Monitor my meals to see that I’m eating healthy. I was concerned about doing exercise class via Zoom because of COVID-19. I didn’t think it would be as good as it is. Wallace is very caring and is easy to reach via email.


Wallace is superb!!! I attend his Aqua Fit class 2-3 times per week. Easily burn 300-350 calories per session, increase your heart rate & burn some fat!! I have so much more energy & feel great!! What more can you ask for!!! He offers a nutrition class focusing on clean, healthy eating which is very informative. You know I’m a true follower when I get up once a week for a 7:15 AM senior fit class. Definitely keeps be active!!!!


YoubFit, Wallace keep me focused & encouraged that I could do and complete a 60 – Day challenge through words of encouragement via texts and You Be Fit platform. I now use positive affirmations daily and it helps me stay track.  I get You be fit tips for the day, demonstration of exercises for target areas, sharing his own home recipes, personal YouTube videos….. I knew for a while I was overweight but wasn’t sure I would be successful at losing it. I didn’t put too much thought in embarking on the 60-day challenge. My thought was since I’m in lockdown with the pandemic, this would keep me occupied with something to do. Believe me, it did!! In 60 days I lost 17 pounds!!!! YES!!!!

-Jackie J.

After searching and trying many options through the years, I have found a personal trainer who includes nutrition and around the clock encouragement and support. I am losing weight slow and steady and at 68 yrs old, I have learned so much about exercise and wellness. I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years.


Very positive and motivational trainer. Wallace really works with you to tackle your goal. Ultimately it is up to you to do you part but his dedication to helping out along the way is amazing.


Mr. Wallace, is a superb trainer. He keeps you motivated, and focused. Even when you miss your mark, he gives you encouragement to keep going to try again the next day. I received daily motivations, water CV checks and healthy recipes.
I gave up my saltine crackers that unknown to me was killing me slowly. Through the be fit app I discovered what I was eating and its fat and calorie count. It made me change what i was digesting. Not a diet but a life change.

Special note: Awesome meal replacement granola bars and drinks. They really help because before I was skipping meals which didn’t help

Again, subperb. If I can do it anyone can. Once you make up your mine to make a change.


You Be Fit was not just a game changer, but a LIFE CHANGER!

Sometimes you dont realize how ignorant you are on a matter until someone more aware comes in and teaches you or exposes you to things you never thought could be a part of your norm.

Coach Wallace has been that! Nothing short of a Godsend! I will say the biggest and most important thing that has shifted is my mindset. I came in to the initial consultation like “Is this even possible?” and I left like “Amanda, you are going to do this!” His professionalism, yet confidence/ overall knowledge had me wanting to know more. I won’t lie I was saying ouch inwardly because I had been neglecting my health for so long but I knew that this was a HUGE decision, like a new job, a new house…yep that big…because it would cause me to take in a WHOLE new LIFESTYLE!

I was dehydrating myself, starving myself, not exercising, unmotivated, self image (how I viewed myself was thumbs down) just really blaah and wondering what is wrong with me because this just CAN’T be me. Now I’m well hydrated, eating clean, exercising….wait did I mention actually excited to exercise…pushing through/motivated…excited of who I am becoming!

“Your health is your wealth” is always playing in my head…blame Wallace..which was not the case a little over a month ago. I am creating a new norm. The accountability is necessary…to have someone walk alongside you and pull out what you thought was impossible…there’s depth there. I have a community I didnt even know I needed..between Boot Camp Conditioning, AquaFit classes and personal training. My life has no choice but to change!

I am just saying if you want to invest in you and get your WHOLE life together You Be Fit is the way to go!


Wallace is honest and works hard to get you to be your best self, and accomplish your goals, Genuinely cares about your well being. He takes time to explain, demonstrate and always has continual encouragement.

-Angela B.

Wallace, YouBFit is one of the most positive people you will ever meet! And he knows his stuff! The program is simple!!! I wasn’t sure if I would be able to stick to the calorie goal and the workouts with baby. She has gotten a bit older and I changed my mindset. I do whatever I can, and I don’t beat myself up as much as I used to. Wallace continued to encourage me all along the way. I lost 18 pounds in 60 days. Thanks, Wallace!!! #itsgametime


Wallace, is knowledgeable, passionate, reliable, available and makes the experience fun. Thank you for your commitment to community health. I’m losing weight and loving it!!!