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Are your supplements FDA Approved?

Many supplement companies in recent years have stated their products are FDA approved and/or pharmaceutical grade. The problem is that it’s simply not true. Not only that, it can’t be true.  ...

8 Easy Steps to a Healthier Body

By now you should be convinced that all those magical diets that have come and gone are not worth your time. In fact, they can undermine your weight-loss efforts. Better to eat more of the right foods than to starve yourself into putting on weight. Doing right by your...

5 Ways In Which Cold Weather Can Affect Your Body And Mind

People either love winter, or they hate it with a passion. There is typically no happy medium between those two feelings. But perhaps those who hate winter are onto something. Scientific and psychological studies have found that winter weather can have drastic effects...

Chocolate Cherry Delight Shake

With cooler weather on the horizon, the rich, classic combination of sweet cherries and chocolate makes the perfect, indulgent fall treat. And Nutrilite offers a healthy way to enjoy it, with a recipe that brings out the best in these flavors — without weighing you...

A Lifelong Commitment to Fitness

Lifetime physical fitness isn’t an unattainable goal. Lifelong fitness does require a basic knowledge of nutrition and a sense of commitment to wellness and health. But physical fitness, like so many other things, becomes easier with practice. While it has been...

The Beauty of B Vitamins

Most of us know about the benefits of certain vitamins. For instance, vitamin C supports immunity, and vitamin D helps us absorb calcium. But the B vitamins aren’t on all of our radars — yet they’re vital to keeping our bodies functioning optimally. Here are some of...

What is Gluten Free?

In recent years, we’ve all heard a lot about foods and products that are gluten-free. But with all the media hype, and diverse input from friends and family, it’s hard to know what’s fact or fiction — or whether all those gluten-free products in the store really...

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