14 - Day Weight Loss & Exercise Challange - Online Coaching

Transform your body right from home with a 14 – Day Strength Training and Weight Loss Program using your phone or tablet. Enjoy a program that will provide fast, fun doable workouts that are proven to build muscle, burn fat and increase your strength! 



14 – Day Weight Loss and Exercise Challenge 

Enjoy a program that will provide fast, fun doable workouts that are proven to build muscle, burn fat, and increase your strength!

Gain access to a mobile app, which offers numerous tools that help you keep track of workouts, nutrition, and stats as well as links to video demonstrations all right on your mobile device. 

I think one of the biggest take-aways for me as a trainer, is the awesome connection between trainer and client that online training offers. I don’t just see a client once or twice a week and send them on their way, we stay connected. If you are wanting to get serious about your fitness goals or wanting to take your training to the next level contact me!

What’s Included 



  • Online Personalized Training Plan
  • Access To a Personal Training Mobile App
  • Individualized workouts
  • Detailed Online Training
  • Exercise Videos
  • Daily & Weekly Accountability Checks
  • Eating and meal plans
  • Ongoing Messaging or Email Support
  • Access To Online Virtual Bootcamps on ZOOM

  • A proven habit-based nutrition education and practice method
Wallace Merriman

Wallace Merriman

Online Personal Trainer/Female Weight Loss Specialist

Here at You Be Fit, we help people take the confusion out of better health, exercise, and nutrition which is the starting point to success!

Being a former U.S. Army Master Fitness Trainer, Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutritionist (CFN), Group Fitness Trainer, POUND Fit Instructor, Bootcamp, and Aquafit Instructor in addition to being a Health & Fitness Consultant, I have a passion for helping people in the areas of wellness, exercise, and fitness for over 20+ years. “Your Health Is Your Best Investment”.