Written by: Wallace Merriman

Perfect Pullup recalled
Posted on:Mar 12, 2011

There’s weakness in numbers; Perfect Pullup recalled 

 By Consumer Reports 


Relax, big guy, you’re not packing on the pounds. You’re suddenly lying on the floor because your Perfect Pullup device is flawed and prone to cracking, so it’s been voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer, Perfect Fitness. About 7,000 units are affected by the recall.

The adjustable-height bar is supposed to be installed in doorways and give you an upper-body workout, but the original handles weren’t up to the task. The company has received some 2,200 reports of the handles cracking and, in 38 cases, leaving users with bruises, strains and sprains. We don’t think we’ve ever seen so many incidents of product failure before a manufacturer issued a recall.
The units were sold at sporting goods stores nationwide, on their websites, and on Amazon.com from January 2008 through present. Only one style of the three handles made is being recalled, so check with the company to see if yours is. Perfect Fitness will exchange the recalled handles for redesigned ones. Call (877) 974-7733 or log on to Perfectonline.com.