Written by: Wallace Merriman

Cheesy Poofs: From Southpark to Wal-Mart
Posted on:Jul 21, 2011
From Fooducate

We talk a lot about fake food being sold to consumers. But today’s post is about a fake fake food that has been brought to life as a real fake food.

It’s hard to believe, but Southpark is celebrating its 15th season. While our favorite character (guess who) has been gone for many seasons, the comic series is arguably as biting and funny as when it kicked off in the late nineties. As part of the birthday celebration, Cartman’s favorite animated snack is coming to life this week. PepsiCo’s Frito Lay division has manufactured a limited edition of Cheesy Poofs, no doubt an artery clogging, greasy, artificially colored and flavored snack.

From Frito Lay’s perspective, this is a great opportunity. Southpark’s audience is mostly guys aged 15-35.

“It’s fair to say the viewers of programs on Comedy Central overlap well with consumers of our products,” said Chris Kuechenmeister, a spokesman at Frito-Lay in Plano, Tex. read more…

The $2.99 per 3 servings snack will be sold at Wal-Mart starting next month for a limited time. If anyone get their hands on this product beforehand, please send us some pics of the nutrition label and ingredient list. We’re interested to see how much of Cartman’s weight problems can be attributed to his favorite snack.