Written by: Wallace Merriman

FIVE (dare I say easy) Weight Loss Tips You May Not Know.
Posted on:Nov 8, 2011

Are your weight loss efforts taking up more of your brain or busy schedule than you’d like? Tired of counting calories, tracking food intake on your ‘Lose It’ app and spending hours at the grocery store? Reality is that YES, losing weight does take time and effort, no doubt about it. But there are some easy strategies you can build into your everyday routine to give your brain and schedule a rest.  Here are five weight loss tips you may not have thought about or if you have, deserve a second try.

  1. Use a smaller plate – Research upon research shows that our larger than our stomach-can-hold plates are a big part of the problem. Fact: however much goes on your plate, you will eat. Humans are notorious “clean the plate” club members, it’s in our genetics. Simple solution, buy smaller plates, cups, bowls. Ever see a juice cup form the ‘50s? They look like a shot glass compared to our standards. They were on the right track.
  1. Fill up on breakfast – eat within 1 hour of waking – People who skip breakfast gain more weight long term. Skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism and leads to overeating during the day and low energy. You have to eat properly to lose weight, especially breakfast.
  1. Psyllium before meals – If there was anything ever close to being a magic pill, it may be this. Psyllium is a concentrated soluble fibre which means it absorbs waters and swells in your gut. The result is that you feel full.  Try taking 1-2 teaspoons 20 minutes before each meal or your largest meal of the day to prevent overeating at that meal. It’s a powdery type of fibre that can be bought at Bulk store or Health Food store. Mix in a little water or applesauce and down it quickly before it has a chance to gel outside of your body. Or try Metamucil – it’s made from the same stuff. Bonus = psyllium also helps lower cholesterol, blood sugars and keeps you regular. That’s what I call an all-star.
  1. Sleep 6-8 hours a night – More and more the research is focusing on how important sleep is for health and weight loss. Adequate sleeps helps your body refresh and reset. When you are sleep deprived your body makes more stress hormones throughout the day which means more cravings throughout the day and the more likely your body will resist losing weight. Get your sleep people.
  1. Only eat the dinner table – distracted eating is like distracted driving, it’s deadly. When you’re not focused on what you are eating you are not in tune with your hunger signals, amount your eating or even what you are eating. Eat at the table and pay attention to what you’re eating and I bet you will get more satisfaction for even less.

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