Written by: Wallace Merriman

Here it is- 2012
Posted on:Jan 2, 2012
Here it is—2012—and we all have a clean slate! Whatever we didn’t get done in 2011 no longer matters. Christmas projects we never got to? Maybe next year. A goal we didn’t reach? It’s over, forget it, set a new one. Changes we meant to make and never did? We’ve got a whole new year to get it done. Don’t waste energy beating up on yourself. Drop it and move on.

Saturday, New Year’s Eve was for looking back. Yesterday, January 1, was for resting, recharging, and reorienting ourselves. From today on, we look forward.

As you get going and refine your goals—personal, professional, health, and spiritual—don’t aim too low. If you’ve never failed, you’ve been playing it safe. If you’ve never missed a goal, you’ve been aiming too low. Dare to aim high; be reasonable as I talked about on Saturday, but don’t lowball. You’ll only be cheating yourself of the great things you could accomplish if you aimed higher.

What are you going to do with 2012?

And what are you prepared to do today?

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