Written by: Wallace Merriman

Vibram FiveFinger Shoes- Have you ever saw someone running on the street and thought they were barefoot?
Posted on:Jan 6, 2012
I have to admit, that I was skeptical at first because it’s a funny looking shoe but once I use them I was sold.  I have two pair!!!!!!
The Vibram FiveFingers shoes considered a “barefoot” shoe that improves your body mechanics by letting your foot work the way it should and not the way it does in a shoe. It is literally like running barefoot.  
The Vibram FiveFingers are a “barefoot” shoe. That is they try to mimic going barefoot while providing the protection of a shoe sole. They differ from other “barefoot” shoes by giving you individual toe pockets.
The shoes themselves have a very thin responsive sole that lets you feel the ground beneath you, but you also have the use of your toes. That may not seem like much, but you’d be amazed at how much your pinkie toe can do if you let it. 
By spreading out your toes, the Vibram FiveFingers give you greater control at your base. This translates to better balance, agility and body control. It can also lead to improved posture and less hip, back and shoulder pain if you suffer from those.  Your hips and spine have better alignment and your heel strike (a major cause of back pain) is better.
To make things even better the Vibram FiveFingers are topped (or bottomed) with the legendary Vibram rubber sole perfected perfect for any activity like running, aerobics, water sports, rock climbing and other activity you can think of.  This means the shoes fit your foot like a second skin and have an incredible grip. It is almost like having gecko feet. 
Balance, agility and body control are all enhanced. The Vibram FiveFingers are available with as an open top slip on, an open top with straps, a mesh top with straps and a neoprene.
Getting into them the first few times is a little difficult, but you quickly learn.
Word to the wise, be cautious when you first use them
-Do not overdo it at first. Chances are that the ligaments and musculature of your feet is underdeveloped. Use them for no more than 1/2 – 1 mile in the first 24 hours, then take a day off.  I didn’t listen to the advice of the salesman at REI and went for a 5 mile run the next day.  I paid the price and my legs, quads, calves, basically every muscle you can imagine and even the ones I didn’t know I had were inflamed for the next five days.  If any advice I can give you, take it slow the first day or two ;-0
I used to wear New Balance 992 sneakers for running and aerobics but after trying the FiveFingers, I can never go back.  I definitely recommend you try them out for yourself.
What has been your experience with FiveFinger Shoes?  I would love to get your feedback?

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