Written by: Wallace Merriman

The bodies natural drug
Posted on:Jan 18, 2012

The body is flooded with natural opiates, endorphins, which are one hundred times stronger than morphine.

Endorphins are actually the body’s natural ‘happy drugs’! Discovered some years ago by a scientist called Candace Pert, endorphins are very powerful drugs….they are much better at pain relief than anything we can synthetically manufacture.

Laughter really is the best medicine. Recent studies show that people can boost their immune systems with laughter. Laughter stimulates the release of hormones called endorphins into your blood stream and these chemicals make you feel good.

But we humans can produce them at will. All we have to do is exercise, or fall in love, or laugh a lot, or draw a smiley face on our finger (the index finger is best!) and wave it at people accompanied with a high pitched ‘hello’…and there will be endorphins everywhere!

Endorphins really do make us feel good – so wave your finger around a lot, laugh, feel love for people and you can feel happy all the time!

Let Go! There is no fun fairy; you have to be your own fun fairy! If we aren’t responsible for our own fun, nobody else will be. So sometimes we just have to break out, let go and be silly because if we don’t the alternative may be a heart- attack or sickness. If we stay angry, stressed and intense, we cannot manufacture the endorphins. But worse than that you are probably making yourself sick! So don’t be an energy sucker! In laughing and letting go, you help others to release endorphins and build energy too!

With this simple exercise you can release endorphins. Hold up your index finger, find your new best friend and draw a smile with two dots on their finger too! Together you have created endorphins and can change your day with your own natural energy. Ready, Steady, Go! Feel the energy build, burst out of your seat, wave your finger and say “hello” to at least ten different people!

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