Written by: Wallace Merriman

Crystal Light Liquid – A New Way to Ruin Your Water?
Posted on:Jun 23, 2013

Crystal Light Liquid and Mio for the young one’s





It’s getting hot, and people are drinking more to keep their bodies hydrated. Water – as we all know – is the greatest hydration solution ever created. But some people simply can’t stand the (non) taste.

For those watching their weight, artificially sweetened beverages or drink mixes abound. Crystal Light, a powder mix from Kraft, has been around for ages. But recently a new form factor has become very popular – liquid flavoring mixes.

It began with Mio, a new product launched by Kraft in 2011 (we wrote about it hereand here). An now there is Crystal Light Liquid, offering consumers the chance to

Experience Endless Flavor Possibilities

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