Written by: Wallace Merriman

Think Big, Do Big
Posted on:Dec 1, 2013





Think Big

We attend an inspiring event.  We leave motivated!  We read a book that builds the belief that our dreams can become reality.  We close the book ready to realize our own goals!  We spend time with someone who’s overcome obstacles, learn of a powerful technique, watch a life-changing movie or join a group whose mission is to see us achieve more in life.  We’ve all been there.  We’ve all walked away ready, willing and even able to do what we need to do.  We can see the lifestyle we’ll be living! We can picture the people we come into contact with and the difference we’ll make in their lives.  We can even feel the exhilaration inside as we watch our dreams turn into reality in our minds!  When exposed to just a little bit of inspiration and education, thinking big is something we don’t have much trouble doing.   

Then comes the living it out part.  What happens?  Thinking big is one thing, DOING big is another.  Life is simple and success and happiness even simpler.  When we get inspired to achieve a goal, we simply need to ask ourselves what we need to do in order for the thinking to produce a result.  We need to make a move, take action, DO SOMETHING!  
This is different than “fake it until you make it”.  That’s about imagining and pretending to live as though you’re already there.  That’s about acting.  I’m talking about DOING.  When you have your big goal in mind, what do you DO with the information?  What action steps need followed?  What needs to be DONE?
For example, if I see myself speaking to thousands, in addition to thinking that big and even taking myself there in my mind, what do I need to do?  I need to begin doing the things that people who are living in that place are doing.  I need to begin making the plan and follow through with the commitments I know I need to follow through with.  I need to value time and not spend it, but instead invest it.  Spending time would mean to do things that are unrelated to the goal, time-wasters.  Even though they can appear important, the question that needs asked is, “Is this activity getting me closer to my goal or farther away from it?”  If the answer comes back as farther away, figure out a way to eliminate it, delegate or make it take far less time by making it concise.  
Another example would be for someone who has the vision to become more fit and healthy and to build a lifestyle of fitness into their family.  Of course you need to be able to see it, even feel it, so it’s more than just a thought.  You need to see yourself living the life that someone who’s a member of a healthy family lives.  You can see the bike rides, the exercise, the games outside, the longer, healthier life full of vitality and the joy of a family who has health in common.  You can see the smaller clothing sizes you wear and giggle as your adult child is asked if you are their sibling rather than their parent.  You can feel it.  
 Ok, the thought is in place.  What do you do?  Do you live this way?  Are you behaving in such a way to see this become reality?  Come on… be honest with yourself.  What are you DOING?  Are you going to the gym, and exercising outside of the gym if you can’t get there?  Are you choosing the healthier food when you have the choice?  Are you writing your goals down and doing what you need to do to maintain motivation?  Do you know what you need to do to maintain motivation?  Are you listening to great audios that produce an inspired life?  Are you watching positive, hope-filled TV shows and/or movies that allow your mind to go to motivated places?  Are you spending time with motivated people?  What are you doing?
You see… we can think big, and we can DO big.  We need both.  Too often, our thinking stops right there, at thinking.  When follow that with the actions we need to take in order to see the big thought become a big reality, we’ll see magic take place right before our eyes.  You’ll be living your dream and no longer just thinking about living it.   


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