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Type 2 Diabetes, is there a cure?
Posted on:Jul 18, 2015



Type 2 Diabetes, is there a cure?

By Dr. Chet Zelasko “Dr. Chet”

Many talk about medications and bariatric surgery as cures for type 2 diabetes. They’re treatments that can help with the symptoms, but they’re not cures. Considering the expense and the side effects of both, they’re not even very desirable treatments.

Let me be clear: they’re both effective, but effective and desirable are two different things. Reducing blood sugar and HbA1c are critical to slow the damage to the body caused by type 2 diabetes; we’re lucky those options are available. If your doctor wants you to do either, especially the medication, you better do it. How long you take the med is up to you.

Can type 2 diabetes be cured? It depends on at least two things. First, how long you’ve been a type 2 diabetic. While the pancreas still makes insulin early in type 2 diabetes, eventually it will wear out and produce no insulin. At that point, you’ll require insulin injections. The other factor is strength of the genetic component you’ve inherited. If those fall in your favor, it’s possible you can cure type 2 diabetes.

I’m being very generous with the term “cure”—let me define what I mean: if overweight people can reduce their body weight sufficiently, change their diet to reduce refined carbohydrates, and maintain a regular exercise program, then they can reduce their blood sugar and HbA1c to normal levels, and be free of medications and the prospect of major surgery. That would be a cure in my opinion.

How to Cure Your Type 2 Diabetes

Work with Your Physicians
This is paramount! They’re the ones who should make the decision for lowering or stopping medications, not you; although your need for meds may be in your hands, the decision is theirs. It can be done in a step-wise manner as you improve your lifestyle.

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Lose Weight
The critical factor is to stop your body from storing fat and start using all that fat. The method is still the same: you have to find a way to eat less.

Eat Better
For most people, this means you stop eating as many refined carbohydrates: bread, pasta, bagels, candy, cake, soda, etc. Increase vegetables, fiber, and for the carbohydrates you do eat, choose whole grains.

Exercise Regularly
This is not an option. No one has to start running marathons, but 30 to 45 minutes of regular aerobic exercise is critical. Your goal is not to lose weight by burning calories, you’re exercising for all the other benefits. Exercise improves the function of many organs that control blood sugar, digestion, and many more processes. No short cuts. Regular exercise.

The Bottom Line

Currently 70 out of every 100 of us are overweight, and over half of that 70 are obese; further the age people become overweight has dropped substantially. You don’t need a crystal ball to know we’ll have a tremendous increase in type 2 diabetes in the next 20 years. You think our healthcare costs are outrageous now? Wait. And it’s a problem we can do something about, both to prevent and cure, if we begin soon enough.

I’m a big fan of Dr Chet.  If you would like, write down this date: August 13, 2015. That’s the day he will be doing a new webinar called Living with Diabetes: Working Toward the Cure. In that webinar, He will be giving you the latest research on diet, exercise, and supplementation that can take you from prediabetes and type 2 diabetes to the cure (click here to find out if you’re prediabetic). Yes, you’ll have to do the work once you know what to do. The bottom line is it’s $15K to $25K for the bariatric surgery, hundreds of dollars a month for medication for the rest of your life, or $12.95 for the webinar plus some sweat equity. Your budget. Your body. Your choice.

Have a Great Day!!!
Wallace Merriman
Wellness Coach


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