Written by: Wallace Merriman

Should you wash Pre-Washed Salads?
Posted on:Jul 29, 2015

Pre-washed salad greens have reached the coveted billion dollar industry milestone. Smart marketers understood 20 years ago that washing and cutting leafy greens is too much of a hassle for many families. Beyond the convenience, here’s what you need to know.

Pre-washed greens are also pre-cut. Cutting the green leaves makes them more susceptible to bacterial infection compared to uncut leaves. Therefore, washing them solely with water may not be sufficient.

Packaging companies use water with a small amount of chlorine to disinfect the greens. Chlorine is the same chemical used in swimming pools; it helps kill off bacteria.

Yes, even organic salad mixes are washed with a chlorine mix. Although chlorine itself is a toxic gas, when dissolved in water in small amounts there is virtually no risk to human health.

The real issue with prewashed greens is their hefty price tag. Our preferred choice: buy the greens and wash them at home, tear them up and use a salad spinner to dry them up. Takes 2 minutes longer, but it’s much cheaper.

However, if bagged, pre-washed greens are the difference between you getting your daily servings of produce or not, by all means buy them!
By Fooducate

Do you wash your Pre-Washed salads?

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