Written by: Wallace Merriman

Setting a Short Term Workout Goal
Posted on:Aug 9, 2015

As you are likely aware from many aspects of life, when you set short term goals, you increase your chances of seeing positive results. To be effective, short term goals must be clearly defined, incremental and manageable. As such, setting a short term goal for a workout will help you to stay motivated as you work toward achieving your optimal fitness level.

To start, you’ll first want to gauge your starting point. Do a trial of any feat you wish to accomplish, whether running a certain distance or doing a certain number of push-ups. You might find that you are only able to run a few blocks, or properly complete a few push-ups, but don’t be discouraged, this is why you are setting the goal.

Once you have determined your current state of fitness, set incremental goals. If you are able to run three blocks without stopping, maybe the next day you will push for four blocks. If you are able to do two push-ups, maybe your short term goal will be to do three or four by the end of one week. What matters is that you first clearly define your short term goals.

Writing down your short term goals is especially helpful if your workouts involve more than one activity and it makes it easier to determine how close you are to achieving success. As you move towards your goal don’t be afraid to change things up or have multiple short term goals. They can make a difference in your workout routine and keep you motivated. Just be sure to keep them clear, incremental and manageable so you can have a sense of accomplishment in the short term and ultimately slingshot you to achieve your long term fitness goals in no time.

Do you set goals for yourself?

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