Written by: Wallace Merriman

Are your brakes on
Posted on:Oct 27, 2015

Have you ever driven your car with the brakes on? I suppose that most of us who have driven for any length of time have had that experience. I can remember times when I have arrived at my destination and reached down to apply the parking break, only to find that it had been on the entire time I had been driving. Yet without realizing it I had moved from point to point with my brakes partly set. The horsepower was there, but the car’s vast potential was blocked, bottled up, and restricted.

Traffic signals teach the same lesson. Signs and signals that regulate traffic are necessary for all the obvious reasons. But when you stop because of the red light on your “mental dashboard,” what are the real reasons that you hit the brakes? Have you asked, “Am I stopping for realistic reasons, because I hope to avoid some impending danger, or am I stopping because I do not believe myself capable of reaching my objective?”

How do you view yourself? Are you driving with your mental brakes on? If so, release your brakes and avoid all unnecessary stops. You’ll reach your goals much sooner.

The light is green and I’m ready to go. I release everything that is holding me back.

Dennis Kimbro

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