Written by: Wallace Merriman

How Exercise Helps You Stay Focused
Posted on:Jan 19, 2016

Science now believes exercise is not just good for your heart, it can also make us smarter! This means exercise can make us better at what we do. It works fast too…stimulating the nervous system is one of the best ways to perform at a higher level within a short period of time.

Medical science has now concluded that as little as 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day is enough for “Brain Training” for most adults. More is better to enhance the other health benefits we all know exercise provides.

With as little as 10 minutes of exercise, endorphins produced can improve your ability to concentrate by assisting in blocking out distractions and improving your ability to set priorities. Exercise helps us become less impulsive, sharpening our focus and enhancing memory. Improved recall makes our thinking more accurate, giving greater access to more important skills. “High Levels of Productive Thought”, like those needed for a term paper, require lots of energy, especially when you need a boost in creativity. Serious creativity is more than a jolt from out of the blue. It’s hard work and you have to stay with it which means you need mental and physical endurance.

Unlike the physical benefits exercise provides which build up over time, as little as 10 minutes of vigorous exercise can trigger the release of pleasure chemicals within our nervous system that calm us down, make us think more clearly, perform better and even make us happier. If you exercise today your brain will reward you today and if you lack patience, just knowing a fast solution is out there can be very comforting.

How much do you exercise?

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