Written by: Wallace Merriman

You-Be-Fit Tip of the Day- What’s in your Ear Buds?
Posted on:Apr 16, 2016


Imagine a coworker asks to borrow your toothbrush since she left hers at home. You’d be disgusted! So why are earbuds any different?

Studies have found that people who frequently use earbuds have substantially more bacteria in their ears than those who rarely use them. That makes total sense when you think about all the germs earbuds pick up as they go from your pocket to your ear to your bag and back to your ear.  Plus, the natural moisture and heat from your ear canal is a prime environment for bacteria to multiply.  Avoid sharing — or at least wash ‘em first — which, by the way, you should probably do more frequently anyway!  Even over-the-ear headphones could pass along lice. What do you think about sharing your earbuds now?

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