Written by: Wallace Merriman

You-Be-Fit Tip of the Day – Eat Slowly
Posted on:Apr 29, 2016

Eat Slowly, Chew Thoroughly, and Savor: Eating slowly can have a tremendous impact on how much we eat and how much we enjoy our food. It takes our brains twenty minutes to recognize when we are full. If you eat quickly, you won’t give your brain enough time to register that you’ve had enough. Try this ritual as you eat: Take a bite of food. Chew slowly and thoroughly. Savor the food’s flavor and feel its texture. When you’re done with your bite, put your fork or spoon down. Drink some water. Take a couple of deep breaths. Then, take another bite and repeat this process. Time yourself while you eat, and make an effort to have your food last at least twenty minutes. See how full you are after the twenty minutes.

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