Written by: Wallace Merriman

21 Examples of Great Signs From Summer
Posted on:Jun 2, 2016

Sometimes, you’re just minding your own business and you come across something SO great you need to share with the world. That’s exactly what these people did when they found these hilarious signs in the wild. Warning: hilarious signs below will induce laughter.

1.) Cookies prevent diabetes

2.) Tips for the FedEx delivery man

3.) Ironic sign

4.) Please don’t slam the door

5.) Disney’s new movie, “Plains”

6.) Solid life advice

7.) FOMO on YOLO

8.) Don’t say you’re Mozart

9.) Warning: napping horse

10.) An important college lesson

11.) A little girl’s innermost desire

12.) … oh

13.) Rebellion at its best

14.) You missed your train by 56 years

15.) Attractions found in Iowa

16.) A more accurate pain chart

17.) Campground payphones

18.) Always break down cardboard boxes

19.) Got 99 problems, but an itch ain’t one

20.) Health advice for the beach

21.) Garbage puns


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