Written by: Wallace Merriman

Don’t Beat Yourself Up!
Posted on:May 14, 2017

We all sometimes doubt our abilities and wish to improve certain aspects of our personalities, attitudes, looks, or skills. It’s normal. However, constantly thinking of ourselves as worthless or not good enough is very different.


It’s great to have goals. Everyone needs to have things in life they strive to achieve. But is it necessary to constantly seek perfection in everything and then beat ourselves up for every misstep, or harshly self-criticize for each perceived underachievement? In healthy doses, self-critique can be helpful; through introspection, we find new ways to improve, better connect with others, and become more self-aware and humane. However, nothing is good when done or taken in excess, especially self-criticism. The repeated effects of this practice are detrimental; instead of helping you reach your goals or become a better version of yourself, self-criticism belittles you and erodes your peace of mind.