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Healthy Breakfasts Ideas That Save Time
Posted on:Dec 8, 2017

Trying to get out the door in a hurry?

Trying to get out the door in a hurry? proper fuel. Eating breakfast will not only help fend off cravings for unhealthy items later in the day but will ensure you hit the ground running with energy to tackle everything on your to-do list.

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to serve, try any one of these 12 proven healthy breakfast ideas.

1. Oats ‘N Protein

Oats ‘N Protein

It doesn’t get better than plain oats for fueling your day. They’re sugar-free, high in fiber, and will pack in some energy-boosting complex carbohydrates. Simply cook up ½ cup of oats and then stir in a scoop of your favorite protein powder. Top with a sliced banana along with some nuts or nut butter prior to serving. This is a great stick-to-your-ribs morning meal option.

2. Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancakes

If you want a more gourmet style breakfast, consider some protein pancakes. Whisk together in a bowl third of a cup of egg whites, one scoop of protein powder, and a quarter cup raw oats. Pour into a pan and cook as you would a normal pancake, cooking for 2-3 minutes per side. Drizzle with some sugar-free maple syrup and serve.

3. Yogurt Parfait

 Yogurt Parfait

If you want a calcium boost, this is a great option to serve up. Layer together some plain, low-fat Greek yogurt with some fresh berries.   Top with some toasted almonds for healthy fats and a touch of honey if needed. You’ll get protein, fiber, antioxidants, and heart-boosting fats all in one bowl.

4. Spicy Egg Scramble

Spicy Egg Scramble

Those who serve eggs for breakfast tend to consume fewer calories as the day progresses on, so it’s a great way to start your day. Whisk together one whole egg along with 3-4 egg whites and then pour into a pan, adding whatever diced vegetables you desire. Top with a sprinkling of low-fat shredded cheese and once finished, top with salsa. This is a perfect lower carb option for those aiming to burn fat all morning long.

5. Apple and Cheddar

Apple and Cheddar

If you need a grab-and-go breakfast, it doesn’t get easier than some fruit and cheese. An apple provides a great source of hunger-busting fiber along with some fast acting carbs for energy. Pair this with some lower fat cheddar cheese for protein and calcium and you’ll have a complete breakfast in seconds. Serve together for an unbeatable taste that most people love.

6. Strawberry Sunrise Smoothie

Strawberry Sunrise Smoothie

Another time-saving solution for first thing in the morning is simply whipping up a breakfast smoothie. This can easily be done by combining one cup of unsweetened almond milk along with a scoop of your favorite protein powder, a cup of frozen fruit, a few ice cubes, along with some xanthan gum (optional) to increase the thickness of the smoothie.

Toss in some almond butter for healthy fats if desired and you’ll have a morning shake ready to go in seconds.

7. Peanut Butter Banana

PB Banana

Cheese, not your thing? Another simple grab-and-go option is a banana smeared with some natural peanut butter. The banana is loaded with energy-boosting carbohydrates and potassium, while the peanut butter will provide some protein along with healthy fats. Try smearing two tablespoons on top of your sliced banana and you can take that on the run.

8. Poached Eggs On Ezekiel Bread

Poached Eggs On Ezekiel Bread

Not only are eggs a fantastic source of protein you’ll want to be sure you’re making good use of, they’re also incredibly fast and easy. Poached eggs make a great breakfast meal option and can be cooked in as little as five minutes. Crack two whole eggs into some boiling water as you poach them while toasting a couple slices of Ezekiel bread in the toaster. Once the eggs are finished, remove them with a slotted spoon and serve them over the bread.

Ezekiel bread is a much healthier carb source than traditional white or whole wheat bread and will pack in some heart-healthy dietary fiber. Top with a tomato or cucumber as desired.

9. Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito

A breakfast burrito is another great healthy morning meal to consider taking with you as you run out the door. To prepare this, scramble together a whole egg along with a couple egg whites, adding some salsa and spinach leaves. Spoon this mixture into a whole-wheat soft tortilla wrap and then wrap up and serve. Add a little mustard to this if desired along with another spoonful of salsa.

10. Dressed Up Waffle

Dressed Up Waffle

Waffles can make for a quick morning meal if you choose wisely. The key is finding some whole grain toaster-sized waffles, which typically will contain 20 grams of carbs or less per serving. Toast one or two of these waffles and once ready, smear with some almond butter and sliced strawberries.

You’ll have protein, carbs, and healthy fats, and can take this one along to eat in the car if you’re really pressed for time in the morning.

11. Peanut Butter Balls

PB Balls

If you need to prepare a healthy breakfast the night before to grab with you as you head out the door, consider whipping up a batch of peanut butter balls. These high-energy snacks are great for balancing out your energy for the busy day ahead.

To prepare, simply mix together a quarter cup of raw oatmeal, a scoop of your favorite protein powder, two tablespoons of peanut butter, and a tablespoon of honey. Add in some dried cranberries or raisins and a little unsweetened flaked coconut if desired. Mix together and then form into bite-sized balls. Serve two or three of these at a time. Note that they can also double as an excellent energy-boosting snack before physical activity as well.

12. Avocado And Toast

Avocado And Toast

Finally, another well-balanced breakfast on the go is some sliced avocado over toast with an egg. Prepare one sunny side up egg and while cooking, toast a slice of Ezekiel bread. Once it’s finished, slice a quarter avocado and then layer over the toast with a tomato if desired. Place the egg over this and then serve immediately, with some berries on the side if desired. The avocado will provide a delicious source of healthy fats along with some fiber to keep hunger down throughout the morning. The egg while providing some high-quality protein and the bread offers more energy-boosting complex carbs.

So next time you feel as though you’re stuck for ideas when it comes to what you could serve up to get your day going, try any one of these options. Remember that your morning meal doesn’t necessarily have to be morning food either. If you have leftovers from the night before, don’t feel bad about serving those up instead. As long as you are sure to get in a good source of protein along with some healthy, complex carbohydrates, you’ll be fueling your body well for the day ahead.

Always try and plan out your morning meal the night before so that there’s no question what you are to prepare when the morning rush hits.

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