Written by: Wallace Merriman

Cardio VS Strength Training, Which Is Better For Weight Loss
Posted on:Jan 11, 2019
So Let’s Clear Things Up!

Cardio exercise keeps you weak and pudgy because it doesn’t build muscle. In fact, only doing cardio exercise can cause a loss of muscle, because your body will shed anything it’s not using. And if you’re only doing cardio, you’re not using most of your muscle mass. If your goal is to get lean, get slim and trim and look good in your clothes, you need to build muscle.

That’s the bottom line!
Here’s what I want to make clear

Your focus should not be on all the calories you’re burning during exercise; instead, I want you to focus on the metabolic boost that muscles give you the rest of the time, even while you sleep. Gaining muscle through strength training is the key to losing weight.

Think of your muscular system as a motor that requires fuel (calories) while both working and idling. On average, each pound of muscle burns ten calories a day at complete rest. That’s 3,650 calories a year—more than a pound of fat, which is 3,500 calories. Adding just a few pounds of muscle is equivalent to upgrading to a stronger motor that burns more fuel.

Not only is aerobic activity ineffective at improving body composition or overall fitness, but it’s also not nearly as safe as most people believe it to be.

Its highly repetitive nature makes the risk of overuse injuries high. The thousands or even millions of identical repetitions that you undertake over the years are likely to cause unnoticed cumulative stress on joints until chronic injuries eventually surface.
Sure, there are the few genetically exceptional people who can run, cycle, or hop around for a decade without problems, but these people are a small minority. For every success story of someone who spent a lifetime pounding the pavement or hunching over a bike, there are many more for whom injuries resulted—too often, ironically—in a loss of mobility.
I cringe every time I see an overweight man or woman running to get in shape, bouncing up and down, with knees and elbows all going their own way.

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Without first developing a foundation of strength and stability, running or jumping around in an aerobics class is a formula for failure.

Unless you increase intensity continually, the calorie expenditure of an activity will decrease as your movement proficiency increases. This is why aerobics instructors are often not as lean as you would expect. They have become so efficient at that particular type of activity that they are no longer burning very many extra calories doing it.  This is also why trotting along at the same pace day in, day out, on machines such as treadmills takes you nowhere, literally and figuratively.

If you know very lean men or women who do only cardiovascular training, they’re thin not because of their exercise but because they are naturally blessed with a fast metabolism and/or they eat a proper diet.

For all the rest of us, cardio does little in the short term and can have negative effects in the long term.

Strength Training / Lifting weights give you an edge over belly fat, stress, heart disease, and cancer—and it’s also the single most effective way to look hot in your bathing suit ladies!!! 

Yet somehow women are still hesitant: Only about a fifth of females strength train two or more times a week.

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