Hey everyone, I’m excited about the 60-Day Challenge kicking off this Monday, but there are a few things we need to go over to make sure you get started properly.


I was going to send many emails pertaining to the entire group but decided to put it on one online document.  There is a large number of people in this Challenge, and everyone is at different stages regarding completing paperwork, setting up the Trainerize App, and preparing for the Challenge.

Some of these messages may not pertain to you, but I want to make sure everyone gets the same information.  Our primary mode of messaging will be from the Trainerize App, so after this weekend, that will be the way we will communicate so; let’s make sure that your Trainerize App is set up so you can receive messages, notifications and can send messages

Please complete all the paperwork from the two emails I sent.  This will make it an easy transition for me to know more about you, your goals, what you’ve done in the past, which will help me develop a game plan for your success and a better transition into the Challenge

Tracking your food is going to be essential to be mindful of your choices. We will be moving from paper to the MyFitnessPal App. I asked that everyone set up the App, which will also synchronize with the Trainerize App.  There will be some additional steps we will need to do to make your Myfitnesspal visible so I can also view it.

You will be provided a training plan that will be added to your calendar on Sunday, which will allow us to set up exercises, develop habits, and track your progress.

In addition to the ZOOM Bootcamps I run each week for everyone, there are two Bootcamps set up for clients and you as a Founding client.  There is a Monday and Tuesday ZOOM BOOTCAMP every week at 6 PM.  The Monday BOOTCAMP is bodyweight; the Tuesday BOOTCAMP is strength training, so dumbbells will be utilized.  Here’s a link to those sessions https://link.youb.fit/Online-Bootcamp-Clients-only

As a client, there is no charge for the Monday, Tuesday 6 PM sessions.  If there are any additional BOOTCAMP sessions you would like to take during the week, there is an $8 session fee.  Here is a link to the other Bootcamps https://link.youb.fit/Online-bootcamp. You will need to register for all sessions you take but remember; there is no fee for the Monday, Tuesday 6 PM sessions.  The Saturday 9 AM session is always free to everyone.

If you cannot make the Monday, Tuesday Bootcamps, I have recorded ZOOM Bootcamps that can be added to your calendar on the days you are available.  There will also be other exercises that will be added to your calendar based on your needs and what we agreed to be part of your Challenge.

Before we get deep into the Challenge, I would like to schedule a time to meet with each of you over ZOOM so we can talk about the Challenge, nutrition, exercise, habits, and mindset to make sure we align your Challenge to meet your goals.  That is the importance of you completing all the forms before we talk so I can get a better understanding of you and your needs, so please complete the forms!!!

Please provide me windows of time (2 to 3 time periods) that you’re available starting this Sunday into next week so we can schedule a time to talk over Zoom for about 60 -90 minutes.  Please send me a response to your availability so I can schedule it on my calendar.  This is a large group in the Challenge, so I want to make this as easy as possible for you and me.

I asked that you have an open mind, stay the course, have faith, and enjoy the journey.  Remember our primary mode of communication, messaging will be over the Trainerize App starting Monday, so if you already have the App up and running, I suggest you start sending messages to me using Trainerize because that’s how I will be connected with you.

The more that you embrace the Challenge, the more success you will have.  I never said it was easy, but I did say it will be worth it!!  I’m excited about your success!!!

Let me know if you have any additional questions?