Join our 60-day body transformation challenge

Join THE 60 – Day Body Transformation Challenge – Online Coaching


As you already know, I’m putting together a brand-new program starting MONDAY, May 1, 2023.

This is specifically for busy women who are committed to dropping 2+ dress sizes and transforming their bodies in the next 60 days without spending hours in the gym or restricting food choices. It’s a remote program, so you can join from anywhere in the world.

I’m looking for 8 to 12 busy women to test it out at a HUGE DISCOUNT, help me work out the kinks, and get amazing results that I can use as a case study. If that’s you, click the Sign Me Up button and we will give you some more info to get started and registered. I’m Excited About Your Journey!!!

What’s Included 



  • Online Personalized Training Plan
  • Access To a Personal Training Mobile App
  • Individualized workouts
  • Detailed Online Training
  • Exercise Videos
  • Daily & Weekly Accountability Checks
  • Eating and meal plans
  • Ongoing Messaging or Email Support
  • Access To Online Virtual Bootcamps on ZOOM

  • A proven habit-based nutrition education and practice method
Wallace Merriman

Wallace Merriman

Online Personal Trainer/Female Weight Loss Specialist

Here at You Be Fit, we help people take the confusion out of better health, exercise, and nutrition which is the starting point to success!

Being a former U.S. Army Master Fitness Trainer, Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutritionist (CFN), Group Fitness Trainer, POUND Fit Instructor, Bootcamp, and Aquafit Instructor in addition to being a Health & Fitness Consultant, I have a passion for helping people in the areas of wellness, exercise, and fitness for over 20+ years. “Your Health Is Your Best Investment”.  

what They’re Saying

60-Day Challenge Testimonials

The 60-Day challenge allowed me to accomplish the goals I wanted to reach, which was weight loss. I have three kids so I was not sure whether I could do it. There are days I could have ate better and stayed within my calories, but Wallace always provided encouragement on those days when nothing was going as planned. The challenge had easy steps and a mobile exercise app that I love and help me stay consistent in my weight loss journey.   Wallace is absolutely great at motivating and making it not seem so out of reach and overwhelming. After the challenge, I lose 18 pounds, and I feel great.  I’m so thankful for you Wallace


I initially wanted to do the challenge to keep me occupied during the pandemic. I selected a goal of 20 pounds to lose, thinking I would be happy if I lost 10 lbs. Now that I see I can accomplish more by following the guidelines and principles, I’ m going to stick with the program. I also had a goal of learning healthy eating habits. Even though I didn’t lose 20 pounds as planned, I’m happy with the 17 pound weight loss I did achieve. I learn more about healthy eating, and having a healthy lifestyle. I plan to continue with my exercise regime using the exercise app. Wallace, you’re wonderful!! Your wealth of knowledge is vast. You share it in a fun way & don’t change that. There ‘s the Merriman Webster Dictionary and you’re “Merriman’s Encyclopedia.”


I took the 60 day challenge to lose weight and kick off a regular exercise routine. I didn’t know if it was going to work because I have a newborn, breastfeeding and lack of sleep. The challenge helped me with consistency, getting in movement in bits and pieces when I can, and understand it does not have to be done all at one time. It helped me have an end goal in sight and assisted with my focus. I lost 18 pounds and have a better understanding of diet, exercise, confidence that I can get to my ultimate goal. Thanks, Wallace!


The challenge helped me learn about new and creative ways to enhance my fitness goals. Also, keeping track of everything I consumed allowed me to pay close attention to what I was putting in my body. It held me accountable for completing my workouts and working out on my own, which is something I have difficulty doing. I was going to your HIIT bootcamps at LA Fitness and already knew your abilities so I knew this was going to be a fun and worthwhile challenge, and I was not wrong. Thanks, Wallace for sharing your gift of helping others reach their potential!!!


I joined the challenge so I can learn to eat healthily and exercise more. I benefited by having more of a structured exercise routine and learning the importance of meal prepping. I now understand I can exercise more even if in small intervals and the importance of sleep. I love the fitness app because it was personal and tailored to fit my lifestyle. I plan to recommend your program to several people. I love how the exercises were tailored made for me. I think overall; I learned a lot about myself. Thank you, Wallace, for all encouragement.


I joined the challenge to enhance overall health, increase endurance and flexibility. I became more conscious about my caloric intake and obtained a better understanding of how to incorporate “good” carbs in my eating plan. I became very mindful of my food choices. I think a combination of the exercise app, along with better eating and increasing my water consumption was very beneficial for me. Thanks, Wallace!


The challenge helped me be able to reach my goals. I became more active, tone, and physically fit. Wallace helped me with the daily workout that I had to do, and also explained the exercises. It allowed me to communicate and encourage others on the challenge.