lack of water will affect weight loss


If you aren’t drinking enough water, your weight loss will be slow and seem endlessly difficult. If you are chronically dehydrated (and remember, you probably are), the parts of your body that depend on water to function are running on fumes. Just like a car low on oil, systems begin to grind to a halt. When there isn’t enough water, your body does what it must to keep you alive, it slows everything down. Everything! Your body is a machine designed for survival, and it could not care less about your weight-loss goals.

It has a responsibility to keep your heart pumping and your cells dividing and your eyes tearing. And so to conserve water, it will slash your metabolism. The carbohydrates and proteins our bodies use for energy are metabolized and transported by water in the bloodstream. Low on water? Your body orders that transportation brought to a screeching halt. Save every nutrient, it instructs, because something is obviously wrong. Can you imagine? Just by being dehydrated, you are personally slowing down your own metabolism.

Dehydration will continually drive you to seek food when you are not hungry. I want you to understand one simple thing!!! Your body amazing and it is smarter than you. If you are not giving it the water that it needs, it will drive you to eat, hoping to extract water from the food you take in. This strategy was very valuable when the majority of foods that people consumed were fruits and vegetables, filled with water and nutrients. It worked to keep people without adequate water supply alive. In our modern environment, triggering hunger in a body stressed by dehydration is unlikely to make us reach for a juicy apple, for one thing, dehydration makes us crave salt as our body tries to balance our electrolytes, and salty snacks are readily available. Instead, we reach for anything sweet or salty, and today this likely comes in a package and is completely lacking the water we need, despite the fact that this is what sent us looking for a snack in the first place.

Trying to lose weight while dehydrated is physically and emotionally exhausting. You will be plagued by cravings and frustrated by the feeling that you must exert heroic amounts of willpower for little progress. On the other hand, a University of Washington study found that one glass of water stopped hunger pangs for nearly 100 percent of participants.

Can you imagine avoiding all that drama with just a glass of water?

So Drink up!!!!!