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ZOOM Bootcamp Sessions – (Clients only)


*Mondays and Tuesdays at 6 PM

Updated: 6-11-21

Link is available until: 1/4/22

You Be Fit Zoom – Online Bootcamp – Pt Clients

*Monday – Bodyweight session

To register for the Monday session: Click Here:

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You Be Fit Zoom – Online Bootcamp

“using weights”

*Reminder – The Tuesday 6 PM is no cost to you as a client

To register for the Tuesday session: Click Here:

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Sessions will be between 40 – 60  minutes.

There ll be bodyweight and weight training sessions. The session will start on time, so I will ask that you sign in at least 15 minutes before the meeting so I can provide you access.  This will also give you time to make sure all your equipment and peripherals are operating correctly to enjoy the session.

You will be placed in a waiting room until you are provided access. If you are not signed in five minutes after the session starts, which is the time we will be performing our warm-up, you may not be able to attend the session, so you must be timely.

And now, some ZOOM Bootcamp etiquette: I ask when we get started that you mute your device to prevent feedback and distractions to the other participants.  Other than that, have bottled water, workout mat, space to move around, a great attitude, and get ready to work out.

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