Just Be Quiet

An effective technique in developing a peaceful mind is the daily practice of silence. Sometimes you just have to be still, be quiet, and listen to your spirit. If you will listen to your spirit, you will be amazed at the quick and striking results you will obtain....

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Breakfast Ideas to Kick Start Your Mornings

If you consume breakfast within 2 hours of waking up, it can benefit the whole day in glucose metabolism and sugar level control. Every time you eat something your blood glucose level gets increased resulting in the production of insulin by the pancreases. This...

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Success and Failure, Which do you choose?

The choice should be easy. Success is a marathon, not a sprint. Success seems to follow a kind of natural selection process. Only those individuals who are willing to come again after they fail to succeed. Those who refuse to let defeat keep them down succeed, those...

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What Is the Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

What Is the Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss There are so many choices, which one should you choose? Paleo or vegan, high carb or low carb, tight budget diet or unlimited budget diet plan. Which one? The approach that works best for you. Honestly, your body is amazing...

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Top 10 Superfoods To Control Diabetes

Top 10 Superfoods To Control Diabetes Not all healthy foods are created equal. Greens may be good for you, but the nutrients in iceberg lettuce may not be as plentiful as those in kale, spinach, and Swiss chard. Besides nutrient content, the glycemic index (GI) of a...

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Weight Loss Quiz

Weight Loss Quiz Here is another #Youbfitquiz. Let's see if you get it right!   You Logged Extra Time On The Treadmill This Morning And Weighed Yourself After. The Scale Dropped 2 Pounds. Why? A. You burned 2 pounds of fat during your workout B. You lost 2 pounds...

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Something To Take Seriously-Obesity

It's a sad fact that obesity has become a major health threat in the U.S. and now worldwide. The vast majority of those on a weight-loss diet today will fail. The Worst part is virtually 100% of the people who fail won't know the REAL reason for their failure. Many...

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Six Surprising Reasons You’re Gaining Weight

Six Surprising Reasons You’re Gaining Weight You live a healthy lifestyle and think you’re doing all the right things to stay in good shape, but you’re inexplicably gaining weight. These six surprising reasons will help you have greater insight as to why, and allow...

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How To Get Yourself In Gear

Mobilizing yourself involves three key steps:  First, decide what you want to achieve most. Second, determine and plan your first step toward getting what you want. And, third, do the first thing that will move you toward what you want. A thoroughbred horse never...

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